Our workshop is a friendly, safe and inclusive space where people from all walks of life come together to learn new skills, socialise and gain work experience whilst learning to fix bikes.

Mechanics training for adults (3 hours or 12 hours).   This course can be tailored to individual needs ranging from the basics of keeping a bike on the road to get to work, to working towards a professional qualification.  We take self-referrals, or referrals from external agencies. Download flyer here..

Youth Mechanics.  We provide placements for young people currently enrolled at secondary school to learn bike mechanics.

Volunteering programme.  Generous people donate bikes to us that they no longer need.  The bikes are given a new lease of life by our volunteers under supervision from a trained mechanic.  They are then either sold or given to someone who needs one.

DIY workshop space.  If you would like to fix your own bike you can hire a bike stand and tools and get advice from a trained mechanic. Book a slot.

Evening classes.  Get to grips with the basics of keeping your bike on the road with our fun and informative evening classes covering punctures, brakes, gears and transmission (chain and cassettes)! Book a course.

Repairs and servicing – we offer a professional and competitive repair and servicing package.  We service all bikes including e-bikes and Bromptons. Call or email to book your bike in.

Bespoke mechanics training – we can always put together a course to suit you or your company.  From awaydays to workplace Dr Bike.