Witney Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan Consultation

The consultation for the Witney LCWIP closes this Friday 20th January so only a short time left to show your support or make further suggestions.

The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan is an important step in improving walking and cycling in and around the town – the geographical scope of the plan goes as far as Brize Norton, Hailey, Long Hanborough, Aston and Bampton. By identifying what schemes and interventions are required where, such as the Dutch style roundabout shown above, it means the County Council is ready to apply for government or developer funding when it becomes available.

It’s a very detailed document so if you don’t have a lot of time I suggest you either:

Take a look at pages 28, 29, 48 and 49 in the draft document which show interventions that improve both cycling and walking, and if that’s the kind of thing you want to see more of then take the survey and let the County Council know.

Or, if you have a place in mind where you want to see an improvement made:

Look at figures 8 through 12 (on pages 32 to 36) to see if your location is identified by a number, and look up the number in table 2 (on pages 37 to 41) to see what the improvement is. Then take the survey and support it or suggest your location/improvement if it isn’t mentioned.

If it’s an improvement specific to walking you have in mind then go to figures 18 to 20 (on pages 50 to 52) and table 3 (on pages 53 to 58).

Go to the consultion page to see the documents (the high resolution figures and maps make it easier to see what’s where) and to take the survey.

You have until midnight on Friday.