Got a Light Guv?

With the clocks going back this weekend now is the time to make sure you and your bike are prepared for winter. First thing to check is that you have a set of working lights. If not, we have a selection of front and rear lights to ensure you can see and be seen.

Over the past two months we’ve been testing what we believe to be the best affordable light we can get to illuminate your way in and around Witney and West Oxfordshire – the Union rechargeable LED headlight.

Our wish list:

  • Rechargeable
  • Powerful enough to be able to see your way on an unlit lane
  • Not too powerful so that it has a reasonable runtime
  • Does not blind people riding towards you
  • Solid handlebar mount
  • Battery low indicator
  • Less than £25

The Union Rechargeable LED Headlight:

  • Li-ion battery charged via a USB cable
  • Rated light output of 30 Lux on its highest setting with a runtime of more than 4 hours
  • Has a 50% setting to prolong battery life in urban areas
  • Optics designed to cut off the beam (like dipped headlights)
  • Mounting bracket fits all handlebars and adjusts horizontally as well as vertically
  • Red warning LED to say it’s time to recharge
  • £19 between now and Christmas or while stocks last

Our tests:

  • Continuous runtime on the 100% light output setting was 5h53m
  • Battery low indicator came on after 4h28m giving over an hour of warning
  • Bright enough to see the way across Woodford Mill meadow in the dark
  • Easy to slide on and off mounting bracket (make sure release clip is engaged when sliding it on)
  • Battery low indicator glows green when charging and turns off when fully charged

To extend the battery life we recommend using the 50% setting when that’s sufficient and not recharging until the red warning LED comes on.

Get ’em while stocks last!

Health Warning: As well as the 100% and 50% settings there is also a flash setting which we don’t recommend you use unless you’re trying to attract the attention of a mountain rescue crew. With more people cycling, flashing lights will become increasingly more iritating to other cyclists and can cause problems for some people with conditions such as autism.