A40 Bus Lane and Bike Track Consultation


Our response to this consultation focuses on improving the design of proposed changes to the cycle route between Eynsham and Oxford using the latest design guidance.

The basic design parameters – a 3m wide two-way track with a 1.5m verge between the cycle track and the bus lane – are sound, but the decision to place the track on the northern side and the physical constraints of some of the junctions raise issues that need addressing.

Our main concern is that all of the crossings are made safe enough for children to cycle to school and put their Bikeability training into practice. A safe crossing at Eynsham roundabout is essential.

You can support our call for safe crossings for all by responding to the consultation and saying exactly that, or similar, in the comment box in part 3. You have until midnight tomorrow, Thursday 12th January.


Alternatively, you can send your comments to LTS.team@oxfordshire.gov.uk with a subject heading of Eynsham Park & Ride and A40 Bus Lane Consultation. Feel free to mention the Windrush Bike Project response.

Turning the Corner

We are supporting British Cycling’s Turning the Corner campaign to alter priority at junctions for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The petition we (and hopefully you) are signing says:

“I support the introduction of a universal rule to give way when turning at junctions, to make them simpler and safer for people driving, cycling and walking.”

It’s a complex topic – the full report by Phil Jones Associates proposing the change and laying out the case for further research runs to 113 pages – but the executive summary gets that down to 19 pages, and Chris Boardman manages to sum it up in under a minute…

Phil Jones, one of the report’s authors, explains the technical advantages that can be made by simplifying junctions for all users…

This will make designing safe cycle routes easier and remove some of the problems with existing cycle tracks such as giving way at every side road.

Help us to help you – please sign the petition.

This initiative was the result of a number of study tours, particularly to Copenhagen, and if you’re curious I wrote this last year about my own experience of cycling there.